Through our many different service offerings, Highridge is able to provide for any of your corrosion needs, large or small. Our teams operate throughout the continental U.S.


External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA)

With experience and expertise, Highridge has the capability of fulfilling your complete ECDA project. We can assist our clients with their specific needs with anything from a turn key program to a contract support role of field data collection. From data collection to analysis, Highridge can supply an abundant amount of reliable data and reporting.

At the customer's request and dependent on field scenarios, Highridge can perform two types of ECDA surveys.

  1. Integrated DCVG/CIS Survey with Soil Resistivity and depth of cover
  2. ACVG/CIS Survey with Soil Resistivity and depth of cover

Highridge's survey data is presented with the following additional details: reporting of anomalies; current source information; depolarization report; IR drop report; Depth of cover report; Below -.850mV report. Once the data has been collected our team of analysts score the results before a consulting engineer reviews the findings. The final report contains a copy of all data collected with detailed summary of the field work.

The Highridge management team began work on a high profile ECDA project by setting up data integration systems and implementing a review process to keep issues in check. This work continues through 2018 as we develop software to help with data organization and reporting. This along with other techniques will help improve field process and result in a turnkey process for our customer's ECDA projects.

Close Interval Survey (CIS)

Highridge survey teams complete projects of all survey methods throughout the United States. With the capabilities to complete any size project, we strive to collect reliable data with speed and efficiency. We guaranteed a 30 day or less final report to assist your needs.

Within the last 3 years we have completed over 4000 miles of survey pipeline. To aid in our efficiency we utilize Pipeline Compliance Software & Proactive Software for data integration while utilizing the most current field data collectors: Allegro's QX & McMiller's GX



Additional Survey Services

With an excellent data analyst on staff our team will be better suited to meet all of your company's detailed requirements. Highridge can complete the following services on any size project:

  • Pipeline Current Mapper (PCM)
  • Alternating Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG)
  • Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG)

CP Tech1

CP Technicians

  • Test Point Survey & Annual Survey
  • AC/DC Interference Investigation & Mitigation
  • Installations
    Test Stations, Junction Boxes, Remote Monitoring Units,
    Bonds, Corrosion Rate Monitors
  • Rectifier Repair & Maintenance
  • Atmospheric Inspection
  • Shorted Casting Test
  • Ground Resistivity Measurements
  • Ground Rod Inspection & Install (per NEC Code), Including Rectifiers


Inspection Services

  • Ground Bed
  • Test Station
  • CIS, ACVG, DCVG & PCM Survey
  • AC Mitigation Install
  • Isolation Kit Install

New Pipeline Services

  • Test Station & Reference Cell Install
  • Junction Box
  • Bonds
  • Test Station Guard Construction & Installation
  • Coating Inspection
  • Project Management
  • Baseline Assessment
  • CIS
  • DCVG
  • ACVG & PCM

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